How Good And Bad Is Aquarium Salt For Betta Fish?

Aquarium Salt Comes Mostly In Two Types.

Basic Aquarium Salt – Sodium Chloride
– Aquarium salt is exclusively found in aquarium shops and fish sections of general stores.
– It is the cheapest of all fish salts used.
– It can also be found as non-iodised salt, table salt or even ice cream salt. It is basically just salt that we use in our daily lives.
– It has limitless medicinal properties which are helpful for curing Betta fish diseases.

Epsom Salt – Magnesium Sulphate
– Epsom salt is a saline laxative which is also used as a remedy for swelling by humans. It works the same way for fishes too. It is less dangerous to fishes as compared to aquarium salt.
– It can be bought easily in general stores, first aid aisles and even in gas stations.
– Epsom salt often comes with scent and dyes for human usage, but for fishes make sure it does not contain any of them as they are harmful for them.

This is the basic information you need to have about the aquarium salts before you buy them from the stores for you Betta fish tank. But, the usage of these salts effects the way a Betta would benefit or injure itself from them. So, let’s focus now on how to use these salts for a healthy fish life span and most effective usage.

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Credit : Nice Betta Thailand

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