Myth: Bettas can live in tiny bowls

People think “In pet stores they keep bettas in tiny containers… the bowl I am getting is a castle compared to that. My betta fish will be so happy.” OR “In any case, bettas live in small stagnant pools in the wild and, therefore, it is perfectly appropriate to put them in tiny bowls/tanks.” Unfortunately, these are not a good suppositions.

The Truth

The small containers bettas are kept in the stores are chock full of chemicals to keep bacteria, fungus and parasites at bay. They are unhealthy places for any fish to be in, and they are not meant to be long term homes.

Bettas do live in shallow pools in rice fields in Thailand. But, these puddles are interconnected And can extend for miles. If the puddle the betta is in gets stagnant, the betta has the ability to (and they do indeed) swim to another puddle or, if it is the dry season, jump up to 6 inches into another pool (or even from puddle to puddle until they reach one that has appropriate parameters).

In addition, the water they are in is continually refreshed with rainwater and decaying matter. In an aquarium, they are stuck and it is up to us to refresh the water and keep their tanks clean and non-toxic through routine partial water changes.

The minimum size tank that you should keep a betta in is 3 gallons. 5-10 gallons is ideal.

The smaller the tank the more you have to work on upkeep.

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Credit : Nice Betta Thailand

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