Preparing for the IBC standard betta fish contest

The IBC standard will divide the basic betta fish colors into 6 groups:

1. Group of light colors, not shadows, dark groups, not shadows, light shade groups, shadows and shadows.
2. Group of light, not shiny shades of yellow, orange, opec, and pastel (flesh color)
3. Dark colors, no shadows, black and red
4. The light shade of the group is white and gold.
5. The dark shadow group will have copper, silver, green and gray.
6. Multicolor Any Other Colour (AOC)

Now let’s look at the basics of single color. If the second color occurs What are the disadvantages?

Siamese fighting fish for example, a single red fish, a dark color group, not a shadow. If there is a second color between the iridescent beads that are shiny white, according to the body and fin or black, the question is which second color is the blame.

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Credit : Nice Betta Thailand

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