How to Make Betta Fry Grow Quickly

How to Make Betta Fry Grow Quickly

Start a culture of infusoria several days before your Siamese fighting fish spawn so they will be ready when your fry hatch. Infusoria are microscopic aquatic organisms that you will feed your bettas fry for the first few days after they’ve consumed their yolk sacs.

Fill a large plastic or glass jar with water and “seed” it with infusoria culture purchased online or at your local betta fish store. Boil a few pieces of lettuce for one to two minutes, then place it in the glass jar as food for the infusoria.

Wait a few days after the fry have hatched until they absorb the yolk sacs. During this time, the male betta will continue to care for the fry in the bubble nest and the fry will not require any food until their bodies have fully absorbed the yolk sacs that remain attached to their bodies after hatching.

Remove the male betta from the tank after the fry have become free-swimming — that is, once they have left the bubble nest. Male betta fish typically do not eat their own fry but it will be easier to care for the betta fry if you keep them in a separate rearing tank.

Maintain a stable water temperature in the betta fry tank around 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit using an aquarium heater. If the tank temperature changes too drastically, it could hamper the growth of your betta fry or kill them outright.

Use an eye dropper to siphon some of the infusoria water out of the jar and squeeze it directly into your betta fry tank. Avoid siphoning any of the vegetable matter. The infusoria are small enough for newly hatched betta fry to consume, and their movement in the water will attract the attention of the fry.

Feed your betta fry an eyedropper full of infusoria several times a day for three to four days. After four days or so, the fry should be large enough to accept larger food.

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