Using United Betta World Social Network Properly for your businesses

United Betta Word

is a gathering of fellow betta lovers from all over the world.
At one time, we had more than 54000 members, a Facebook group that shared their knowledge of betta care with their members. and closed the show From Facebook’s mistake in 2019
The admins have come back together for the website united betta world to bring back the group of members who love and love betta. It is an honor for us to be reunited this time.
and the area right here is the area safe for all members Friends who love beautiful betta fish can share experiences, ask questions or trade at their own leisure. The admins will help. Always check If you have a problem

Our resolution

We look forward to making this area a common center for those who betta fish lover. and is a group that has for users from around the world as Buy – Sale & convenient community

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