First betta fish avatar color in the world

First Dark Blue Avatar or Blue Black Avatar in the World.

Return to shake the Siamese fighting fish industry once again with a big breakthrough in the color Dark Blue Avatar or Blue Black Avatar that many of you probably already know. With unique characteristics and characteristics Shine in the dark Shiny green The shiny black and silver contrasts with the black, which attracts the eyes of the Betta lover.
It is also considered a very difficult to have betta fish for the half moon tail for this color and has a very high hammer price in this era 2020.

How did the betta fish Dark Blue Avatar or Blue Black Star occur?

Is the most hilarious question that has been asked often Many people think that Breeder Nice Betta Thailand is the first success, but the truth is not.
The avatar color was started by Somkiat Intamu, Aquastar71 our Breeder professor, who invented and achieved this color.
Which was inspired by documentary the image of the stars Blue, Green, Black Cut from Nebula Then came up with the idea of ​​creating this kind of fish color for many years to succeed, but he was not the one who named the fish.

Many of you may have a question in your mind. Who would you name Avatar?

It is obvious that our customers created this name because many people compared this color fish with the famous movie Avatar, resulting in a popular phrase called Blue Black Avatar or Dark Blue Avatar.

Avatar betta fish
Avatar betta fish

How has this fighting fish originated?

Blue Avatar or Dark Avatar, based on bloodline, is the Blue / Green Peacock fish. Breeders have chosen to use Peacock, a fish that has stripped green cut black scales in Inbreed 2 generations, resulting in a black light.

When the breeder gets the black light fish, he must also select this color to breeding again in order to stay stable and firm. Breeder will bring this color fish by selecting fish with fins on the top, bottom fins as well as the Balance tail. Breed with the Black Candy itself.

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Credit : Nice Betta Thailand

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