Color betta fish Guideline Copper series

Class color betta fish Guideline Copper series

Copper betta fish Series Returns! For this upcoming Star Season Show we have a single division for Copper Fish. There will be two separate classes for Copper;1) Candy Nemo Copper / Multicoloured Type2) Copper Open Class,a winner from either class will stand a chance to be a Division Champion. This will be one of the last times these introductory classes will have its own division before it is moved under HMPK permanently. Bring out the Metal!

H Class Copper series

is special class formation for betta competition specific show in this moment 2020. It is a one off class that segregates copper iridescent fish into two specific groupings for competeing Copper Nemo Multicolor and Copper Variation open. This class is for fish that genetically display copper or metallic silver on their iridescent layer. We have separated the class into two specific groupings to allow newer variations and traditional variations to be competitive. Here are some visual examples of the two classes we have 5 places per class are up for winning.

H:1 Copper Nemo Multicolor

H2: Copper Variation open

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Credit : Nice Betta Thailand

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