Class color betta fish Guideline Black base betta fish

Class color betta fish Guideline Black base betta fish

UBF Black base class class is defined class for betta fish that hold the following color traits and wish to enter the class to be judge on the following criteria

Body color.

All fish to be competitive in black-base as a class must have the main criteria of 100% present black layer on the body.

The extension of black should cover all the way to the mouth and beginning of fin.
Color bonuses can be given for the intensity of black
Iridescence should not exceed more than 60% coverage of the body.

Fin color.

The color criteria for the finnage is less critical than the body .
The finnage can be another single color or of multiple color
The presence of black the fin-nage is color bonus. Cello phane is discouraged as trait for this speciffic class color bonuses can be given for visually pleasing combinations of color or pat-terns.

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Credit : Nice Betta Thailand

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