History of samurai betta fish

From the past until today The dragon fighting fish has been developed continuously. As a result of the traditional Red Dragon, many colors have been developed. Whether it is an Orange Dragon Yellow Dragon, Black Dragon, Gold Dragon, Fancy Dragon, has been developed into many forms. Whether it’s Half Moon, Full Moon, Crown Tail and Giant Betta

Guidelines for the development of siamese fighting fish dragon from the past to the present In addition to improving the form well In terms of color, it will focus on developing the scales to have a shiny silver color. Coating both body and head There is a clear contrast between the fin and the body color (Bi-Color) and try to remove the unwanted color or lace from the fin surface as much as possible.

It looks like the current development of dragon betta fish. It will focus on making the “original” existing to meet market standards. Or competition standard Along with developing the species to be still Make each breeding a lot of good fish.

That development would have stopped in place. If in the past two years no betta had been born to create a buzz in the industry “Samurai fighting fish” is the fish we are going to talk about here.

Masterpieces of betta come this moment

Many masterpieces in the world It arose because of “accidental”. Beautiful betta fish are also the same. Many of the colors of fish that are popular today are caused by coincidence. Or what the term in the betta fish industry is called “mutation” or “loose” before being applied by the breeder to add, add, develop according to your imagination.

For more than 10 years, beautiful betta circles have been known for their bodies coated with white gold sparkling scales. Also known as “Dragon”, which was bred for the first time in the world in 2004 by Khun Te Piboonchai Chuan Chuen of Yaowaluck Farm, part named “Dragon. Nod “was first dubbed by Mr. Pichet Plaisanguang or Ton Interfish, and a year later he made his debut at Aquarama 2005, a key destination in the wake of the Pachad trend. Dragon in the industry in the international betta world.

Samurai betta fish are considered to be betta fishes. Happened by chance Or mutations from the repeated breeding of the Black Dragon over many generations Until obtaining a distinctive fish that is There is an imperfect scale coating. Or the scales are not covered with both the head and body like a typical dragon fish However, this imperfect coating creates a perfect pattern, for example, there is a flake coating on the face. And open up other areas of the body Make it look like a mask Or there is a coating only on the upper part of the body along the entire length The lower part is open for example.

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Credit : Nice Betta Thailand

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