Best idea for make betta fish tank

Which is good idea for betta fish tank?

It’s a question that comes up often. What size of betta fish should be in a jar? What’s the good temperature for bettas? Can I add other fish with Siamese fighting fish?

But when we raise it, there should be a beautiful betta fish. And beautiful cabinets to admire, right?

First of all, you need to understand that betta fish are basically Asian fresh water life. Which is an aquatic animal that does not require much space But will be very possessive of their own territory.

The optimum temperature is 24-31 degrees Celsius and the water must be steady. It doesn’t flow too hard,
You can fit other fish as tank mates, which are smaller than betta fish and won’t harass betta fish such as balloon fish, neon fish or kadinal to give the aquarium a colorful look.
But at the same time, there should be room for the betta fish to rest as well.

This could be a commandment for betta lovers in some areas because the global temperature is not the same. Causing some of you may be required Heater helps to adjust the water temperature to be warmer. Or some of you may need to use a Filter to help filter the water more cleanly.
This is good Because in the filter system You can choose to add a bio-filter that helps maintain the proper pH of the water. But there is a penalty for fish as well If the water flows too hard That might make the betta clear.

Often times, you might be able to see your beloved betta fish sucked in by a filter. Cause damage to the fins Or in some cases, the fish may become trapped in the hair filter compartment

In which case this does not want to use a biological filter system. Recommended to change the water more frequently. This is better for beautiful betta fish.

Gosh, but like admin. Will go out of the issue a lot In spite of what we mention best idea to create betta fish tank! Well, let’s see.

  1. Long betta fish tank nature style with circle light

The advantage of a round lamp like this is that you can see brightly colored fish in every corner of the tank.

2. Betta fish tank nature style with top light

More any good idea for make betta fish tank Best idea for make betta fish tank

Credit : Nice Betta Thailand

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