The difference between male and female betta fish

What the difference between male and female betta fish?

This is a question that Nice Betta Thailand is often asked. which those of you who have loved betta fish for a long time already know But there are still newbies who fall in love with betta fish and keep asking this question.
Here’s how to notice the sex of the fish especially small fish under 2 months will seem even difficult for a beginner.

  1. Look at the color. Males have a brighter color than female fish. Color can be seen clearly only when the fish is 2 months old or older.
  2. Look at the machine, look at the fins and dorsal fin. The male betta fish has a longer ventral fin than the female betta fish. It has a long fuselage to the tail. The female’s dorsal part is much shorter.
  3. Notice under the belly the point under the belly of the fish. If a female fish Under the belly, there is a soft white spot at this point, which is commonly referred to as the fallopian tubes. In fact, it is not an egg. but the fallopian tube

To make it easier to understand, let’s look at an example pictures of siamese fighting fish.

For example picture

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Credit : Nice Betta Thailand

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