History of Blue mustard Gas one of the classic color betta fish.

If talking about Blue Mustard Gas betta, there are no betta lovers don’t known . Because this is one of the colors of betta fish that has been around for a long time. But only few people know know how the Mustard Gas betta is?

Blue mustard Gas has been developed since 1996 and was first found in Thailand’s top big betta farms.
Known as Je ree Farm, it was a color that was very popular in that era. Many people asked for have this and often insufficient to meet the needs of customers.

Original line of Blue mustard Gas

Do you know how Blue mustard was developed?

Back in 1994, the most common betta fish were red, yellow, orange, blue, green or turquoise, and imperfect colors such as Yellow net, Orange net and Chocolate mustard.
In order to create new colors, this breeder came up with new ideas. Fish that were classified as color-deficient or incomplete fish during that period, Chocolate mustard.
which is a dark yellow fish with more soot on the body than usual or it can be called Yellow fish that are not clean. (Chocolate bettas)


Chocolate mustard + Royal blue
Chocolate mustard + Turquoise

In the first generation, it can be seen that most of the fish are colored. The body is green with fins, the tail is red, yellow, orange, mixed with each other.

But that made Breeder realize that he was close to achieving what he had set out to do.
Therefore, we have chosen a color that has a blue body and a reddish-orange tail. and green body The tail is red with an orange tint. In this generation, the children came to breed again.

Until the birth of this third generation, he was very successful.
Many of the young fish came out as he set out to meet his goals: Blue mustard Gas and Green mustard Gas.
It is a very eye-catching color in that era because Mustard Gas will have another distinctive feature that is. caudal fin area will reflect blue light The glitter is the point of interest.

Highlights of Mustard Gas

What about Mustard Dragon Genetic?

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Credit : Nice Betta Thailand

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