The first crown tail betta in the world

The first crown tail betta in the world.

Siamese Fighting Fish Crown tail is a type of betta fish that has unique characteristics of the fish.

But do you know who is the first successful fish breeder in the world?

This man is considered to be one of the legendary fighting fish circles in his home . His name is Uncle Ahmad Yusuf. This uncle is considered to have invented the Crowntail betta the year 1996-1997.

It is said that the betta is developed from Delta fish or super tail from Thailand. Because Indo is importing Siamese fighting fish from Thailand. And is a very cheap grade fighting fish Therefore, there are many fish that have defects in the tail, causing the spines to protrude outwardly for the delta or super tail fish.

Ahmad Yusuf used this spot as the starting point for the development of the fascia, becoming more concave and turning into a crown tail.

But Ahmad Yusuf was not the person to name crown tail fish. , he named it cupang serit Which is Indonesian.

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Credit : Nice Betta Thailand

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