The first betta fish Candy or Nemo siam

History of these color Candy Nemo Siam

Betta fish are beautiful fish in size and are considered to be the most beautiful fish among small fish. Both with a variety of different colors Whether it’s single color or mixed color But recently, breeders have developed a new color.

Nemo siam or Candy

It is another success for the breeder of the fighting fishCandy betta fish or Nemo betta fish siam. The first success was made in 2016 by the famous fighting fish breeder by Rattapon Patumtong under the supervision of Aquastar71 by combining the developed mother breed. From the color Koi Until it became a color with orange and red or yellow and red as the basis and was called the Candy because it looks like candy.

The result of this success creates strange and different colors from general to orange and black, so it has been called Nemo because the distinctive characteristics of this set of fish are very similar to Nemo. Recorded and called mouth-to-mouth until known.

What is Emerald Candy?

Currently, the candy fighting fish species have been added to the colors by the developers to create a variety of fish colors. It can be seen that there are additional colors from the base colors, namely blue, purple, green, white, blue, black, pink and if there is a shiny color Will be called Emerald candy.

Candy is clearly a fish with a unique color and is distinguished from the typical betta fish. In the color of flashy colors, it is popular among many. If you don’t have any dandy colors in this era Considered that you are not very modern with fighting fish.

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Credit : Nice Betta Thailand

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