How To Travel With A Betta Fish The Right Way.

How To Travel With A Betta Fish The Right Way

As silly as the topic of this article sounds, there may come a time when you need to take your betta fish along with you on a trip farther than from point A to point B in your own home. Traveling with your bettas is not a nerve-racking situation. Actually, I lied. Of course nerves will be racked anytime you have to take your betta fish on a trip. Hopefully after reading this article, at least some of your nerves will be spared from racking.

As a prequel to this not-really-a-guide guide, pretty much everything suggested herein will be based on the assumption that your betta fish normally lives in a tank that is not cycled. The reason for this is that it’s a pretty safe bet that most people that own bettas don’t have them in cycled tanks, or know what cycling is in general. If you yourself do have your betta in a cycled aquarium, you can modify parts of the traveling process to meet those needs. That will have more to do with what you have to do once you make it back home after your travels.

Be it you are finally able to take that vacation you’ve been counting down the days for, or heading off to college and have to option to bring along your fishy friend, pet fish plus travel can make for a uniquely stressful situation. As long as you’ve done your pre-travel homework and ready to go the extra few steps to keep your betta fish healthy along the way, you should be able to provide a relatively low stress experience for your fish throughout the journey.

Because Siamese fighting fish are living, breathing creatures and not inanimate objects that can be relied on to do things like stay put wherever you left them, there are really no hard and fast rules here. You need to assess every situation for yourself to the best of your abilities. This guide on traveling with your betta is more of a base set of suggestions. If you personally know of a better way of getting a particular thing done, go for it. A lot of people really don’t know where to start though, and that is why this guide is here in the first place.

Betta Fish Trip Gear.

Ok, lets get right down into it. If your are planning any sort of trip by car, take a look at this list of betta approved necessities:

  • Small Plastic Container (Travel Fish Tank)
  • Pre-treated water
  • Aquarium Salt
  • Fish Net
  • Thermometer
  • Cloth and Paper Towels
  • Fish Food
  • Water Conditioner
  • Portable Aerator

To begin with, the small plastic container mentioned at the top of the list should be clear. That may seem like a no brainer, I just want to make sure that your poor betta fish has the option of seeing Vegas as you drive by…

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