How to do if your betta skittish?

A skittish Siamese fighting fish refers to those that are nervous or easily scared. Betta fish can become easily stressed due to environmental factors along with the additional of tankmates or aquarium changes.

How to do if your betta skittish

Adjusting to a new tank can be stressful for some Bettas. To help ease the transition you can place your betta in a quiet, low traffic area of your home while he is getting used to his new set up. Bettas don’t hear the same way you and I do but they are able to feel vibrations so try to avoid the thumping of stereo base or similar low vibrations if your betta appears to be skittish. If his aquarium is in a permanent location and can’t be easily moved you can wrap the glass in a towel for the first day or so until he gets used to things. Bettas also love plants and caves. Not only are they an interesting addition to your tank but they offer your betta a sense of security. By helping your Betta fish adjust to their new home will allow them to feel at ease and will be begging for food in no time.

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Credit : Nice Betta Thailand

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