All about good water for your betta fish

Water Parameters Explained

Ever wonder what water parameters are and how they affect your Betta fish? The answer is they are the overall condition of the water in your tank.

Your Siamese fighting fish can be affected in many ways by the condition of the water. Example: If you water condition is not idea for your fish it can make them sick. When you have a sick fish the water parameters are one of the first things that should be checked.

Regularly checking your water parameters is a must to keep your fish happy and healthy. To do this all you need is buy a test kit and a few minutes of time. This simple test will tell you the compound concentrations of your fish tanks water. An alternative way to test your water is to take it to your local pet store. Most pet and fish stores will test your water for you free of charge. Each one of the tests have different time frames in which they need to be done. Some tests need to be done daily, others need to be done every few days and weekly.

Water Parameters Explained and How They Affect Your Fish Tank

Here are the most list of the most common water conditions and parameters that affect the health of your betta fish.

  • Temperature
  • Ammonia NH3 and NH4
  • Nitrite NO2
  • Nitrite NO3-N and NO3-
  • pH
  • Gh
  • Kh

Water Parameter – Temperature

Temperature: To check the temperature of your tank you will need an aquarium thermometer. You should check that the water temperature is in a safe range (75 F to 81 F) and stable daily.

Ammonia (NH3, NH4): Ammonia is caused by the following:

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Credit : Nice Betta Thailand

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